Customers have depended on us for decades to install, repair, and maintain their concrete driveways and patios. Cross Construction Services is experienced in providing economical concrete driveway service and ensuring patios, sunrooms, pergolas, and decks meet our clients’ expectations. Residential customers throughout the city and surrounding communities can attest to our commitment to quality and simplicity and the fine details of every project.

Below, you’ll find examples of the projects we have completed. Our design, installation, repair, and remodeling capabilities include:

Concrete Driveways and Concrete Services in Houston, TX

Cross Construction Services specializes in many types of concrete service projects in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. Every project is completed by experienced general contractors with the utmost attention to detail and highest-quality customer service. Continue reading to learn more about what our concrete contractors in Houston can do for you.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete is a cost-effective solution for driveways, given its durability and resiliency. Properly cared for, it can last for 25 years or more. Our contractors can lay concrete based on the size of your garage and however you want to configure the entrance to your property. During installation, we ensure the soil foundation is stabilized and elevations are properly adjusted so the driveway is level and has adequate drainage. Wood and rebar expansion joints are installed to address local regulations for spacing and sizing.

Our projects aren’t limited to installation. We offer concrete repair services in Houston, TX that focus on the latest materials and techniques. Available 24/7, our contractors use state-of-the-art sealants and cement re-surfacers. As we tackle driveway repair, customers are assured we can address joints, retaining walls, and hand railings, as well as factors such as drainage and plumbing.

If concrete has sunken over time, it can not only be a nuisance but a safety issue. Our contractors provide subgrade assessments and factor in all safety hazards, including cracked, broken, and uneven concrete, to provide the most effective concrete driveway leveling.

Patios and Sunrooms

The patio designs we implement go beyond the simple laying of concrete. Nonetheless, we use the same concrete and process as laying concrete for driveways, so you can expect the same quality, durability, and functionality in your front or back yard. Our contractors can design and build any type or style of patio, from ultra-modern to traditional and rustic; we can even create a tropical-themed patio for your home.

We also provide patio products in Houston, ranging from screens and patio covers to overhead elements, and we install patio roof gardens, raised platforms, and different-shaped footprints. Screened-in enclosures keep out insects while offering protection against heat or cold. Roof designs can be solid or open; a lattice roof is great for letting in light, but no matter what your needs, we always ensure your patio cover is right in terms of size and protection.

Additionally, we can add sliding doors, retractable shades, ceiling fans, HVAC ductwork, and other design elements and functional features.

Patio Covers and Pergolas

Our expertise isn’t limited to concrete construction. Able to complete various outdoor projects, we provide outdoor aluminum patio covers and pergolas that are built to withstand the Texas heat and high winds. A patio cover serves as a sturdy roof that protects your outdoor space from the sun, rain, and extreme temperatures.

From ductwork to ceiling fans, we can provide everything you need for comfort, along with easy-to-maintain covers that benefit homeowners more in this fashion than pergolas do. Various patio roof designs and sizes can be installed with the highest quality products and workmanship.

Commercial Concrete Parking Lots and More

We install, repair, and maintain concrete that holds up to heavy traffic, extreme weather, and a variety of other conditions while adhering to all public safety regulations. Concrete offers durability at a reasonable cost. Commercial customers depend on us for concrete driveway construction, repair, and maintenance, as well as concrete parking lot construction.

Parking lots experience a lot of wear and tear from daily traffic; uneven surfaces, gaps, and potholes must be repaired quickly to ensure safety. We’ll even evaluate your concrete surfaces for safety hazards and provide any repair as needed. Whether you need a sidewalk leveled or stormwater drainage improved, you can rely on Cross Construction Services.

Concrete Services in Houston

At Cross Construction Services, our professionals can handle projects of any scope, from laying parking lots to repairing, restoring, and repaving any concrete surface. While durable, concrete may be damaged by extreme weather, a poorly sealed finish, or simple wear and tear over time. Cosmetic or structural problems can be corrected, and repair projects completed, within a specified timeline and budget.

You can always depend on our team for all types of concrete service projects in the Houston area, including driveways and concrete patios. Please view the examples below, which show our team at work and the projects they’ve successfully completed.

To learn even more about our patio services in Houston and other concrete services, continue browsing or call CCS Concrete Driveways—Cross Construction Services today.